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Quartz is a data synchronization and storage utility implemented on
a peer-to-peer network. Users are able to synchronize and maintain
sets of files among many of his or her own devices: notebooks,
computers, and workstations using a simple command line interface.

  • Data synchronization
    • Ability to synchronize sets of files among a user's computers, workstations, and laptops.
    • Files will be updated based on successful version number matches/requirements.
    • All subdirectories for each file will be automatically made if not previously existing.
    • Notifications are used to give the user a proper choice in case versions do not match up properly.
  • Persistent storage utility
    • All data is persistently stored in encrypted form within the Quartz network.
    • Reliable and always available.
    • Nodes will help each other maintain a set number of redundant storage.
    • An "alive" file system living on top of the peer-to-peer system.
  • Easy-to-use
    • Simple command line interface with examples on how each command is properly run.
    • One-step install and user setup for each device.
    • Simply "store" or "sync" in order to store and synchronize files, respectively.
    • Minimum system files and resources needed for the system to run.
  • Security
    • Encrypt/decrypt all files using a 2048-bit RSA encrypted private key.
    • Physical security - if a device is stolen, password is still required to read files.
    • All data is stored in encrypted binary form at the end hosts; hosts won't know what they're storing.
  • Network efficient
    • Implemented using a structured peer-to-peer network overlay.
    • Finds data and nodes quickly without use of global communication.
    • Fault tolerant and insensitive to denial of service attacks.
    • Provides multiple routes to pieces of data
    • Soft state information is kept for node joins and leaves.
    • Optimized O(log n) number of hops using prefix routing (a la Chimera/Tapestry).
    • Network routing paths are efficiently load balanced.
  • Peer-to-peer community
    • Users simply give up 150 MB of their own harddrive space for storage of files for other members.
    • To further assure availability, each member is more inclined to leaving their devices online.
    • As more devices/nodes are online, the network and data retrieval are further optimized.

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