Chimera Distributions

The current release of Chimera is v1.20, and is available for Linux as a C library, and Windows as well (thanks to Serge Kruppa).
  • What's new in Chimera 1.20
    • Significantly improved routing performance
  • What's new in Chimera 1.10
    • Support for routing using prefix base 4
    • Code reorganization in Key manipulation methods to improve routing throughput
    • Minor bug fixes
  • What's new in Chimera 1.04
    • Fixed two buffer overflow bugs (Thanks to Micah Galizia)
    • Streamlined code on the critical path for higher routing throughput.


We recommend that Chimera users join the Chimera-users Googlegroup to receive timely (but infrequent) announcements related to Chimera software releases, bug fixes and other events.
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Tapestry Downloads

Please note that Tapestry is the predecessor to Chimera.  Active development on the protocol has stopped, and we are no longer supporting the software, since it was written for Java JDK 1.3.  The latest release is Tapestry 2.0.1, released July 2004.  Documentation is included inside the Tapestry download.