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Research on Facebook, Renren, and other OSNs

Welcome. My group has been studying online social networks since 2008. Not only do these services count more than a billion users, but they are also vibrant application platforms for everything from shared Netflix reviews to Hugg and social marketplaces. On these online social networks, we are primarily interested in topics of security and privacy, measurement, data analysis and modeling.

In general, there are too many new projects and publications to describe, but I'll summarize some of it here. Our recent projects include study of Sybil accounts and user profile browsing behavior (latent interactions) on the Renren network (IMC 2011 and IMC 2010), a study of phishing and spam campaigns on Facebook (IMC 2010), and distributed systems that increases the scalability of Twitter (Middleware 2011) and the performance of Facebook (CoNEXT 2010). Other recent projects include differentially private graph models, and an empirical evaluation of static graph models using Facebook graphs, a major measurement study of Facebook (10+million user profiles), and a new framework for privacy-preserving location-based social applications. These projects are described in papers at IMC'11, WWW'10, EuroSys'09, and HotMobile'10 respectively.

In other recent projects, SpikeStrip provides a light-weight server-side mechanism to protect OSNs against malicious data crawlers, and Orion is a "graph coordinate system" that allows us to compute estimates of node-distances in large graphs in constant time, i.e. O(1). Results of both projects are described in papers at WOSN'10.

We have also worked on a number of other social networking topics, including a measurement of the socially-enhanced auction site, and a system for using social networks to protect anonymous communication users from passive traffic analysis attacks.

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