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Each year, the CURRENT lab has roughly 1-2 openings for PhD students. If you're interested in joining us, please send email to me (Ben) at (ravenben at cs dot ucsb dot edu). We are looking for students with creativity, deep thinking, and a strong competitive drive. Generally we'll do a trial quarter project to see if interests and work styles mesh. Be aware, however, that while I work hard to lead my students, I also ask for a lot from my students in energy, hard work and commitment.

We are also interested in good MS students. I have been fortunate to work with some excellent MS students at UCSB. Again, please email at the above address for details.

For UCSB PhD students who are seeking advisors, you can read this to get a sense of what I expect from my advisees (available only from UCSB hosts).

For students not currently enrolled in the UC Santa Barbara graduate program, please read my FAQ before contacting me. For undergraduate students from IIT who are interested in summer internships, please know that I am not currently supporting summer internships.